President's Message

Last month our chapter finalized its goals for the 2018-19 fiscal year (FY2018). I am personally very excited about these goals, and believe they represent essential steps for the future of our chapter.

  1. Contact every chapter member in 2018 to update their contact information. This process will also gather member e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers. This goal is extremely important in order for us to improve communications with our members.

  2. Set up a new fundraising event in 2018. In the past two years we have benefited from the Crosspoint Auto Auction fund raiser. Looking ahead, we need to have more diverse and sustainable funding.

  3. Sign up an average of 2 new members per month in FY2018. Growing our membership helps us achieve our mission.

  4. Develop and print a chapter tri-fold brochure in FY2018. This brochure will emphasize how we help veterans and how you can help other veterans through Chapter 392.

  5. Have a VVA member at the center 4 days a week by July, 2018. Visitors to the center have increased and we need to increase the coverage at our center accordingly.

  6. Create a listing of statewide veterans organizations in FY2018. This listing will help us to network with organizations more effectively.

Steve Carr
USAF 1966-1970
VVA Chapter 392 President